Friday, August 21, 2009

Meal Planning - Stage 2

As I stated before, here, I am participating in the The Happy Housewife Meal Planning Challenge. (Look at my stage one!)

This week we are adding 5 more meals to our list.....making a total of twenty meals. Here is my list of twenty meals.

#1) -Chicken Breasts (Baked) -Baked Potatoes -Green Beans
#2) -Chicken and Biscuits
#3) -BBQ Chicken Pizza
#4) -Chili
#5) -Lasagna -Garlic Bread -Green Beans
#6) -Savory Chicken Casserole -Green Beans
#7) -Sloppy Joe's -French Fries -*Fruit*
#8) -Spaghetti -Garlic Bread -Green Beans
#9) -Tator Tot Casserole
#10) -Chicken Noodle Soup
#11) -2x4 Soup
#12) -Lasagna Toss -Garlic Bread -Green Beans
#13) -Chicken Alfredo/Chicken Noodles
#14) -Ham and Potato Soup
#15) -Grilled Cheese -Tomato Soup
#16) -Ham -Scalloped Potatoes -Corn
#17) -Caesar Pockets - Chips - *Fruit*
#18) -Crockpot Bacon Wrapped BBQ Apple Chicken - Baked Potato - Green Beans
#19) -Cheesy Chicken and Potato Casserole - Corn
#20) -Simple Goulash - Potato Salad - Carrots w/dip

Another part of Stage 2 is adding side dishes to your meals. I had already done this, so Stage 2 is now complete. Comment me with your link! I would love to check out your meal plan ;o).


  1. Thanks for sharing the meal plan. You gave me some great ideas.

  2. You welcome! I am happy to share recipes, and ideas.

    Thank you so much for stopping by this blog, I love receiving comments! Haha. It keeps me entertained in my down time. ;o)


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