About Me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Jennifer, aka Jenn.

I am a stay at home mom, loving every minute of it, to a beautiful 3 year old son and a gorgeous baby girl who is 2!  (Wanna know more about them?  Click here!)

My husband, Zach, and I have been married since 2008. I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else. He is definitely my partner in life, and my better half (although I would never admit it to him, haha).

This blog is about everything a Mom would go through: finances, couponing, meal planning, and just the plain joys and stresses of being a stay at home Mom.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings ;o) If you have a topic for me to discuss, or additional questions feel free to e-mail me at thedaysofasahm @ gmail . com. (Remove the spaces)

Look forward to hearing from you!


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