Sunday, February 15, 2009

3 Months Old Today!

Oh my goodness, Baby Jackson is three months old today! We took him to the doctor on Friday and our little man weighs in at 15.4 lbs. I asked the doctor if he has been gaining too much weight (gained 3 lbs each month for the last two months), but he didn't seem too concerned with it. He said that fat allows his brain to grow, so we are going to have a smart little baby boy. Here is the list of Jackson's favorite things:

Three Months

1. Smiling like crazy when I get my diaper changed.
2. Holding/chewing/sucking on my burp cloth (Mommy thinks this is disgusting).
3. Getting presents, holidays are a lot of fun!
4. Laughing in my sleep. (It is the cutest thing in the entire world)
5. Making Valentine's for my friends and family.
6. Trying new foods. Mommy let me lick a dill pickle once, it was gross!
7. Sleeping through the night, I know that my Mommy needed it.
8. Snuggling with my Mommy before I fall asleep.
9. Driving in the car, but don't you dare stop because I will start crying.
10. I just learned how to actually jump in my jumperoo, it is a lot of fun!

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  1. tooo cute i need to see him do this jumping thing :)


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