Thursday, July 5, 2012

Baby Eli Update

Today marks my last 4 week appointment, we are down to every 2 weeks.  Yikes, that means it is getting close!  :)

I gained some weight over the last 4 weeks, but am still down 11 pounds.  My blood pressure was 110/68 (which is slightly high for me, but neither the nurse or doctor seemed concerned).

Eli's heartbeat was in the 160s, which is also higher than usual.

I asked Dr. S about this "clicking" noise I hear when the baby makes a big movement.  She wasn't concerned at all, but said that it was simply my ligaments stretching because of the baby's movement.

Next, I tried to convince her to induce me on 8/17 (I am due 8/27)....but, she said that she ethically can not induce more than a week before the woman's due date.  So, I am set to be induced on 8/20.  That is, if Eli hasn't already make his grand entrance.

But, that isn't to say I am not going to try my darnest to have this baby on 8/17 (Jack was born on the 15th, Ady the 16th, so naturally my type A personality wants Eli to be born on the 17th.).  :)  I already told Z that we will be eating spicy food on the 16th.  Lol.

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