Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 13

My husband is trying to tempt me to spend money.  Lol.

Last night, we were watching an episode of "Suits" and the main character was eating Chinese.  He knows I have a weakness for Chinese, and started playing it up.  But, so far...I have resisted this now almost 24 hour craving for Chinese food.  UGH!  Man, I really want it!

Luckily, Zach has to work this afternoon so I wasn't tempted to drive to get some for lunch.  And tomorrow we have plans with some friends for lunch/dinner....the Chinese restaurant is closed Sunday, so the next day I will really be forced to deny the temptation will be Monday.  :)

Today we received our paycheck, and I am still excited to say the balance we started with this AM has increased, even after paying bills!  YEAH!  We have about $1000 left in the bank (about double what we are usually left with), with Zach's bonus check coming on the 10th.

We haven't spend any money today, so our total is still $62.98/$125.  :)  Maybe we will be able to make it after all.  That is, if I continue to be creative with our meals and deny any other pregnancy related cravings.  Lol.

How are you doing?  Please, share your No Spend Month stories (either provide a link in the comment section, or simply share your journey in the comment section).

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