Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Budget/Savings Plan

Now that I have cut back our budget, to the extreme, I am all set to track our spending......down to the penny.  Before I would pay all the bills, transfer money into savings and whatever is left is what I have to spend for the next 2 weeks.  Now, we will be tracking every penny.....and I think we have a pretty good budget set up.  :)

Hubs and I stayed up until midnight last night running the numbers, and creating savings goals.  We are both really excited about our budgeted spending/saving.  Hubs is like "we really have that much we can transfer to savings?  WOW!  I feel like I just got a raise!".  HAHA!  This is the first year, since we have been married, that our expenses are LESS than the amount of money coming in, and it is a good feeling.

Today I am off to do my final shopping trip before our no spend month.  I am excited.  I have about $200 to spend, but at least $60 of that will be spent on diapers!  That is something NO ONE wants to run out of.  :)

We went out to dinner last night, kind of as a "last hurrah!" before we tighten our belts.

How are you doing with your budget?  What areas can you cut back?  Will you join us in our no spend month?


  1. I cut back on buying clothes. Also we don't eat out as much.

  2. I am wanting DESPERETLY to be a sahm but I could use more ideas to cut down our budget.  Any tips???  I am wanting to do cloth diapers (more $ upfront, less in the long run, including diaper pail bags and what not) eating out less, no more child care costs, less gas (I drive A LOT for work) doing more exercise at home instead of using the gym (that's $30/month)  Any other ideas?  feel free to email me at


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