Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cutting Back

Want to know something funny?  Now that we are debt free (aside from a small student loan), we are getting even more strict with our budget.  I want to save, and I want to do that by going even further with eliminating unnecessary expenses.

We are doing a "no spend month" next month, yeah!  And we decided to virtually eliminate my cell phone.  I still have the line, however, I went from paying $85/month to just $10/month. AWESOME!  We got a land-line today, at no extra cost to us because of a bundling discount.  So, we are set!

My cell phone will still send/receive text messages, but I will be rarely using the device for calls...unless it is an emergency (or you are a Verizon Wireless customer!)

I thought I would miss my smartphone, but so far I really haven't.  I am still using my Droid 2 with the wifi connection.  As long as I can connect up, I have everything I once used while paying for the phone service.  It is working out perfectly.

We also lowered our electric bill by $11/month (we are on the budget system)!

I also decided to get rid of my gym membership.  I haven't been finding the time to go, and I realized I would much rather do a workout video in the privacy of my own home.  ($30/month)

So, to sum it all up.....I have saved us $116/month.  Practically better than a part-time job!  (Especially if you factor in child-care.)

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  1. That's awesome


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