Thursday, November 4, 2010

The End Is Near

I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I am down to 55 e-mails.  I am getting close!  I feel like so far today I have been making the best progress.  Thank goodness!

You will never guess what I woke up to this morning!  It was (is) disgusting!

Jack was wearing footie pajamas (my favorite pj's by far...they are so stinkin' cute!), which is always great.  But, somehow one of the tabs off his diaper came off!  So, when I went to change him this morning he had poop in between his TOES.  Read it people, between his toes.  Gross!

Anyway, I pulled myself together and cleaned him up but I am just going to toss the pajamas.  First of all, he is almost too big for them.  Secondly, they are covered in poop.  A finally,  Jack is the third child to wear them.  I think that is enough hand-me-down for those jammies.

The thing that got me most about the whole situation was the fact that I totally didn't expect it.  He didn't smell like he had gone #2 (and he normally doesn't wake up with a poopy diaper), those footie jammies were protecting me from the nastiness beneath them.  Yuck!

What are your bowel movement horror stories? :)

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  1. hey! At least they contained the mess and you didn't have to burn his sheets! AND at least he didn't get into it! *GAG*

    I was babysitting a 4 yr old last year that was still not potty trained and he pooped his pants during naptime! Before I could figure out which kid it was, I turned around and saw him sitting up, freaking out, sitting on his hands! I walkedover and asked him what was wrong and he showed me his half-wiped hands! I asked him what happened and he said he didn't know and then he stood up to show me it was all down his leg and ALL OVER MY CARPET and his blanket...*barf*'s one thing to change another persons kids diaper, but to have to clean their poo off your carpet...I was NOT happy! He was plenty old enough to be potty trained and old enough to know better. I cleaned him up and laid him back down and had a discussion with his parents!

  2. I have had the same thing happen. The blanket sleepers really hide the aroma and it is like a dangerous game of poop-jeopardy. My boy grabbed the wipes out of my hands yesterday when I was trying to change him. Couldn't leave him on the table to get more wipes-he would roll off. Didn't really want to pick him up to carry him over to the wipes and get poop all over me. End the end I had to be practical and remove my own shirt to clean up the mess. I promply tossed it out with the dirty diaper. Thank goodness I happened to be wearing in my husbands shirt.

  3. OH my FAVORITE poop story......
    Our daughter likes the idea of courting more than dating....a couple years back (she would have been 17 at the time) a guy decided he "liked" her and wanted to "get to know her". He invited her to pizza - she told him "my family is would have to come too" (we of course paid- lol) he seemed somewhat put off but agreed. We met him (her brothers and father gave him the third degree - tee hee)
    This was a Saturday night. My husband asks him as we are leaving ..."Where do you go to church?" he hubby says "oh that's okay we'll pick you up in the morning at 10!"
    The little boy (18m) we were babysitting at the time was in his carseat as I drove down to pick up "t" that next morning. (let me interject....the passenger window for some reason shorts out sometimes and wont roll down...)
    "T" was ready to go. Gets into the car and about 5 minutes out of a 12 minute drive I smell something AWFUL wafting through the car....I say "uh oh...did you do something yucky?" to the baby who smiles to me in the rearview. THE WINDOW WON"T ROLL DOWN "T" BEGINS TO
    I am SPEEDING to get to the house and as we round the corner of our street I look again at the happy babbling baby in the rearview who is now COVERED with poop and starting to EAT it! I SCREAM (scaring "T" to death I'm sure) and pull up into the driveway yelling "GET THE BABY OUT!" The whole family is scrambling because they can't figure out what's going on.....he's gaging - the baby is covered and his car seat is covered too - I tell them - take out the car seat and all!!!!!!!!
    Long story short....
    we survived...we made it to church...and about 1/2 way through church he gets up to use the restroom - we seriously haven't seen him since LOL
    an hour or so later he texted my daughter and said "I had to go home"
    ROFL -
    to which my daughter wisely said ..."If he can't take that...he'd never survive our family!"

  4. Ewww. That is nasty. I hate poo in the morning!
    I think the worst poo thing to happen to us was when my daughter had the rotovirus and had crazy diarrhea. I was in the middle of changing a poo diaper and lifted her legs to wipe and out shot more!!! It was all over her dresser, the wall, the carpet, me, her. I was so grossed out. We hopped in the shower and then I had to clean it all up. ewwwwww.

  5. oh, bless your heart, Jennifer!!!!! I've thrown out poopy underwear before ... I even threw out a bathroom rug after my daughter threw up on it. I mean, really - how does one clean THAT without throwing up yourself!?!?!?! ICK!!!

  6. oh man that is the yuckiest to deal with


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