Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

I was down to only 8 e-mails last night.....but, I received a few more over the last 15ish hours.  I am now at 24 unread e-mails. 

It has been a crazy weekend.  First of all, Zach was gone the entire weekend.  He worked Saturday, then went to his parents house to paint....and spent all day Sunday painting at his parents.  I guess this is the just prep for next weekend when he is gone?  Hmm....not so fun.  Especially when both the kids have bronchitis.  :( 

They woke up Friday with a runny nose, Sunday with a cough, and today Ady woke up wheezing.  I took them in to then doctor and we got sent home with 3x daily breathing treatments for each child.  Poor babies.  :(  So, the next couple of weeks will be spent administering 3 hours worth of breathing treatments, daily.  What a boring task, but totally worth it because I hate when my poor little babies are sick.  :(

In good news, The Teenager informed me that November is a no-shave month.  Some thing the high school kids are doing, for no apparent reason.  I am thinking about adopting this as an annual event.  Not shaving my legs for the next 20ish days is alright by me.  :)  HAHA.  Anyone else want to join me?

Well, that was our weekend.   How was yours?


  1. OH I'm in - it's geting cooler so wearing long pants will help LOL

  2. Psht. I've got a head start. I'm starting to get too big to see my legs anyway!

  3. I hope you babies feel better. Thank you again for the blog button.

  4. Hope your kids are feeling better.
    I have a teenager doing the no shave november too. He didn't think it was too funny that I wanted to join in. LOL

  5. I finished your hair-clips today (with a couple added surprises).

    Sending them out tomorrow!


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