Monday, October 11, 2010

Make Your Own!

Yesterday was the first time one of my kids needed an ice pack.

Madelyn accidentally shut Jack's fingers in their bedroom door.  It was not pleasant.  Jack was in pain, and Ady didn't understand what she did wrong.  Anyway, Jack needed an ice pack.  However I didn't really have one that would work for his tiny little fingers.  I had frozen veggies, and solid ice packs, but no frozen gel packs.

So, I started to brainstorm ideas on what to use.  And then it hit me.  Baby Oil Gel.  HAHA!  Don't ask me how I thought of it, but I did.

Our pediatrician suggested we get some for Ady's cradle cap as a new baby, and we had nearly an entire bottle left.  So, last night I put the tube of baby oil gel in the freezer and waited for it to harden up, but it never did.  :)

Thus my frozen gel packs.  As you can see (below) I made them child-sized, perfect for when my precious little ones get a boo-boo.  :)

This is what you will need (the food color is optional, and doesn't work out the you have any suggestions for dyeing the gel?)

I then poured the gel into the sandwich bag.

Then, I added the blue food coloring to the gel.

I mixed the food coloring in, and this is what I got!

Red, white, and know, because we are patriotic.   :)

Is this the best solution for a ice pack,  Probably not.  But, out of need comes creativity.

What solutions to problems have you come up with?  Are you going to make your own freezer gel packs?


  1. I would have never thought to do this. I've used bagged frozen veggies and crushed ice in a baggie with some water added for slushiness (so ice pieces don't poke them)!;) Thankfully, we had only had a few times where we needed one.

  2. Oops! I almost forgot! When mine were little, I took a folded or rolled up receiving blanket and tossed it up over their door so it couldn't be shut unless I took it down. They also sell those foam things that slide onto the door so little fingers don't get smashed or pinched...but I'm much too cheap to pay for them!;) I've never had a finger shut in a door, so I'm not sure why I'm so paranoid about it, but I sure am! I hope Jack feels better soon and luckily, Ady is too young to remember it so no lifelong guilt for her!;)

  3. Oooh, I like the rolled up receiving blanket idea! Thank you! I am also too cheap to purchase anything, haha.

    Jack was good as new just a couple minutes after having his finger pinched. I am 100% sure it freaked me out more than him. :)

    Happy Monday!


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