Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And You Thought My Last Was Random....

Ahh, I am itching!  We got the okay this afternoon to paint our apartment....provided we put it back to white before we move out.  I am SO excited.  I am SICK of boring white walls, and I can not wait to add a little spice to our lives walls.  As I am typing this I am calling my Mom to see if she would be available to watch the kiddos for us, but....she didn't answer.  DARN HER!  Lol.  Eh, she probably didn't turn her phone off vibrate after she got off work.

Hubs is attending a conceal carry class on Saturday.  I have no idea why because he doesn't even own a gun.  I think he just likes to know that he can.  Who knows.  Guys are crazy.  Even if he never ends up using the information shared in the class, he should have a good time hanging out with the guys.  His dad, my dad, and a few other men are is good for him to get out with other men and spend a Saturday morning learning about guns and gun safety.

I got a new phone today.  My 5th replacement phone since I got my new one in December.  Yes, I know....ridiculous.  But, I am hopeful that this will be my last replacement phone!  I don't want to have to transfer contacts/add e-mail accounts again until I renew my contract.

We are planning on having our family/individual pictures taken the first weekend in October, and I have been busy planning our outfits.  Which is fun, but man....why does it look better if people match?  It would be so much easier to just throw on something that looks nice and snap away.  Well, I am sure you can do that....and look perfectly fine.  But, that is not how my mind works.  I want people to match, well....not match but coordinate.  Yeah, I might be a little crazy.  So, I have a couple of items waiting in my "shopping bag" at, and I can't wait till Friday when I can order them.  :)

Okay, I don't watch Days of Our Lives often...but, I have been trying to get caught up this last week.  Didn't Sammy just ALMOST marry EJ, and now she is in bed with Raf?  WTF?

We are planning on heading to the zoo Monday afternoon.  It is Z's day off, and we haven't been yet this year.  We took Jackers last year, and he LOVED it.  I can't wait to show our Ady, and see what interests Jack this year.  (You can see our zoo trip from last year, here.)

Man, they are growing up too fast.

Anyway, sorry about this all over the place post....but, it is what is on my mind.

Oh, and don't forget to enter my giveaway!  Seriously, don't forget.  :)

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