Thursday, September 16, 2010


Ahh, a break.  :)  Jackers just shut his bedroom door with him and sissy inside.  I have a few minutes of peace, well...that is until he comes knock on the door to let me know he wants out.  :)

I don't really have much to say, other than Zach just signed up for school!  He starts in Ashford University's accelerated online program on the 28th.  He is excited!  I am happy for him to pursue this degree, he has been wanting to go back to school since he graduated with an associates of science in 2006.  He is going to school for Homeland Security and Emergency Services (at least that is what I think his degree is in, if it isn't I am sure he will correct me in the comments!)

Well, there he is!  Listening to that tiny little knock is adorable!  But, if you wait too long it sounds like he is going to knock the door down.  :)

My "famous" chicken and biscuits recipe is what is on the table night, but the babies will enjoy leftover spaghetti since Hubs isn't going to be home until late.  I like to have our dinner fresh for him when he gets home, I know it is more work....but, hey it's the little things.  What are you having for dinner?

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