Monday, July 20, 2009

Niabi Zoo

Today, Daddy had a day off....yeah! So, we decided (yesterday) we would head to the zoo. Today worked out well for several reasons, the biggest of which was the fact that it didn't get above eighty degrees. I can't stand the heat....especially when I am pregnant.

Anyway, we picked up Uncle Timmy around 11:30am and started towards Niabi Zoo. After eating lunch and having a diaper change we headed in, and it was a blast. Jackson really seemed to enjoy himself, however, he wasn't too interested in the animals that the zoo had to offer. He just thought: the rides and hanging out with Mommy and Daddy, was fun! (At the entrance of the zoo).

His favorite "animal attraction" was the Koi Pond. They have the biggest fish I (we) have ever seen! You can purchase fish food for them, and when you toss it into the water a TON of fish show up on the surface to eat the feed. You can see for yourself below ;o)

We took Jackers on a carousel ride, which he loved! He is such a funny little kid, he smiled and laughed the whole time while riding. I am so glad that I decided to actually put him on an animal that went up and down rather than sitting in the sleigh. He just had a blast ;o) You can see our ride below!

Here are all the animals that we got to see, well not all of them....but, some of our favorites.

Below are pictures from our ride on the train!

Here are some of the good shots we got throughout the day. We had a blast, everyone should head out to the zoo! ;o)

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