Saturday, May 29, 2010

Toddler/Baby Firsts

Yesterday was a big day for Jack.  Well, it was a big day for both of my children.

But, we will start with Jackers.

He actually ate oranges yesterday when they were offered to him.  Before he would put them in his mouth, and promptly spit them out, but yesterday was different.  It is like he couldn't get enough.  He ate three containers oranges!  It was unreal.  I couldn't believe it.  What a big boy.

Now my little Ms. Ady.  She has learned to say ""dada".  And says it ALL the time.  I told Z this morning that he needed to go get her because she was calling for him, and not Mama.  Haha.

I swear, my kids are against me.  They will probably never call me Mama, I will just be known as Dada.  It's terrible, and I can not wait for the day when they can run to me screaming "MAMA!!!".

It's what keeps me going, lol.

What new things have your little ones done recently?

I can't believe how quickly they grow.  I probably sound like a broken record with this one, because I say it all the time.  But it is true.  Time flies.


  1. My daughter is starting to make the switch from a balance bike to a normal two wheeler. 'Wheeler' isn't a word is it? Anyway, It's pretty exciting.

  2. My kids LOVE those mandarin oranges! We go through a can a day almost!
    Btw, we have an Ady?


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