Thursday, May 13, 2010


Did any of you watch Jon and Kate Plus 8?

Well, I did.  I loved that show.  You know, before it became all about the parents.  Both are whack jobs...but, if I had to decide I would say I am on Team Kate.  Jon has a lot to learn.

Anyway, the point of my post.

Do you remember one of the first episodes where Kate finds one of the babies covered in poop after their nap?  (It might have even been one of their tv specials before their show, who knows)

That is what I found the other day.  My handsome almost 18 month old COVERED in poop.

It was nasty.

At first glance it seemed okay (as okay as poop covered bedding can get) but, as I was cleaning I realized (well Hubs noticed it first) it was EVERYWHERE.  From one end of the crib to the other.

I wiped him down first, with baby wipes, while the bath water was running.  Then I dumped about a gallon of bubbles into the tub.  Lol.  Like those bubbles are going to make him clean.  After I cleared away some of the bubble overload, I plopped him in and started scrubbing.

He knew it wasn't a normal bath because he didn't play or anything.  I wish he would have, play time in the tub is the best.  He is contained!  :)

Ah, the joy of motherhood.  Lol.

I love being a mommy to my two beautiful children, but I could live without the poop.

Tell me some of your child-rearing "war" stories.  :)

Key Piece of Information:  Do not put your toddler to bed in track pants.  Apparently they are WAY to easy to get out of.  But, if you must...make sure he/she is wearing a onesie.  Please!  Don't make the same mistake I did.  ;o)

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