Friday, April 30, 2010


I can not wait until we have a house. Seriously, I am so excited. One) I love that we will have a permanent home. Two) More space. and Three) DECORATING!

I can not wait to decorate my home. And my husband can't wait to have a "man cave". Complete with bar furniture like, bar stools & pub tables and chairs, and of course.....a ginormous t.v.!

Anyway, I keep looking at all these awesome pieces of furniture, and fabulous works of art....and it makes me REALLY want a home.

Eventually...that's what I keep telling myself. The time will come when we will be able to purchase a home, in the area we want to, and buy one we can easily afford!

But, for now I have to be content with what we have. I'm even trying to get my diaper bag obsession under control! Can you believe that?

Anyway. Thanks for listening to my wants :). What do you want? Are you in the market for "man cave" furniture?

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