Thursday, October 15, 2009

11 Month Favorites

Our beautiful baby boy is 11 months old. Oh my, time flies. He is about 25 lbs, and changing every single day. Here is my little Jacker's favorite things for this month.

  • Standing all on my own, I am even known to take a couple of steps. ;o)
  • Growling! I am going to be a dinosaur for Halloween, and I want to scare people. Haha.
  • Eating big boy food. I love ANYTHING that Mommy and Daddy are eating. But, I don't necessarily like it when Mommy tries to give me my own.
  • I look like such a stud in my winter gear, I love being all cozy....and chewing on my zipper.
  • Wearing my Bears Jersey. They have won every weekend I have worn it! Go BEARS!
  • Playing with Mommy and Daddy's rings. They are just so "interesting".
  • Rubber duckies! I cuddled with Uncle Tim for quite a while yesterday while playing with my ducky.
  • Mommy is getting ready for my 1st birthday party, and I love getting into all the party stuff.
  • My new room layout, I am so ready to be a big brother!
  • I now have three teeth...with another one on the way.

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