Saturday, August 1, 2009


*Warning* A great deal of venting is going on in this post, I apologize if it offends anyone….as it is just my intention to get it off my chest.
Everyone’s MIL annoys them, right? Well, mine, in particular, is totally a pain in my ass.
There are several instances in the past couple of years that just really get on my nervous, but today struck a particular cord.
We had just spent 5 hours in the car driving down to spend time with her side of the family… was her Grandmother’s 95th birthday. Which, I totally agree, is a big deal. However, shortly after finishing our lunch, at some small town restaurant, my son (Jackson) REALLY needed a nap…all he would do is whine. So, I suggested to my husband that Jack and I should be heading back to the house for his afternoon nap. He agreed that was the best idea, especially if we wanted him to be at all social for the dinner that we had coming up this evening.
So, we came up to my MIL and let her know that we would be leaving in order to put Jackson down for a nap….and she was extremely bitchy about it. Again, I understand that we are cutting our time a little short during our lunch time…but isn’t the purpose of this trip to spend the most time with family as possible in the short time frame that we have?
If Jackson didn’t have a nap, he would have been a complete bear all evening…so, this was definitely the best option. I mean, is it so wrong that my child is on a schedule? Is it also wrong that he doesn’t like to be held to sleep, but would rather fall asleep on his own?
How do you deal with your family? Specifically your MIL? Do you get along? Do you have any tips for me? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Oh, and I also apologize for my language…I generally only swear when I really fired up about something. So, again this is not a normal blog post….but, just a tool I am using to get something off my chest.

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  1. someones bound to be P'od in this situation. either you stayed and the MIL is happy, and in the evening you are P'od because of grumpy baby, or the MIL is P'od because you leave, but you are happy because baby is rested... either way is a livable position. I used to be very strict on the baby's schedule, so I can relate.. but as time goes on, and things change, like a new baby, you may finding the schedule skewed.. but it all comes to something we can all live with, and adapt to. MILs will always be annoying, lol, and we find a way to live through it and to visit again another day... hopefuly not too close to another


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