Sunday, August 2, 2009

Afternoon Naps

Have you ever been so anxious for your child (ren) to take their afternoon nap?

I know that I have….I mean come on, virtually every day I am ready for this little break from my little man.

But, after about 30-45 minutes (just enough time for me to eat my lunch, and to pick up the toys he scattered about the house that morning) I am totally ready for him to wake up, just because I miss seeing his smiling face. He is truly the light of my world, and I can not imagine my life without him. He is just perfect, in absolutely every way. He has nothing done nothing intentionally wrong or devious…but, simply lives his life: happily and without complications.
Why can’t we all live like this? Without the worries of tomorrow, but simply in the moment? Living life with a huge smile on our faces, lighting up everyone else’s day?

Maybe we should all try to be a little happier about our current situation. Just pick one aspect of your life that you think negatively affects you, and put a smile on your face the next time that you have to deal with this issue (do you think that I should choose “dealing with my mother in law???”). Perhaps, this is the key to being more child-like? And the solution to world peace, haha. ;o)

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