Friday, May 15, 2009

6 Months Old!

Can you believe that Jack is 6 month's old??? I can not believe it. Time absolutely flies after you have a baby. All that time you spend waiting for him to finally get here speeds up after you give birth to him. Although, I have to say this second one is going so much faster than my pregnancy with Jackson. Anyway, here are Jackson's favorite things!

6 Month Favorites

1. Sticking my tongue out of the side of my mouth.
2. Shaking my head "no".
3. Giving high fives, with assistance. It is hilarious.
4. Rolling from my tummy to my back. I don't do it all the time, probably because I am just lazy. ;o)
5. Growing out of my clothes. My mommy can hardly keep up with me.
6. Hanging outside with Dad and Grandpa, we "work" on stuff.
7. Chomping on my fist, I am getting my little teethers ;o)
8. Singing my ABC's with Mom, I just giggle....Mom looks really silly.
9. I love other babies. They just fascinate me.
10. Music, I love it. I have to have music to fall asleep, it is really relaxing.

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