Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sorry Everyone!

I had a realization today, I check other peoples blogs on a regular basis.....and, I often think to myself "Geez, they are slacking. They haven't added a new post in over a week!" Well, I am in the same boat so I have to stop judging other people.

I've been absolutely terrible about updating our blog. Things have been absolutely crazy around here. We are moving in two days! We found another apartment in DeWitt, and I am super excited because it has a dishwasher. I am sure that my friends and family are so sick of hearing me get excited about a dishwasher....but, I truly think it is one of the best inventions ever.

Jack is getting so big! I just can not believe it. I posted his 6 month favorites a few days ago, but I probably won't get any new pictures until after we are settled into our new place. I will be sure to get them done, and to post pictures of our new home.

I hope this blog finds you all well, and we can't wait to have y'all over to our new place after we get everything in it's place. We (well, I) love to entertain! We love you all, god bless!


  1. Yeah Jenn...STOP JUDGING PEOPLE lol.

  2. Haha, I won't stop judging you. You have no excuse. You don't do anything....haha. Ms. I don't go to school and sleep the day away. ;o)


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