Saturday, May 2, 2009


Today Jackson went swimming for the first time! He was great with the water, but the pool was freezing. I hardly even got in the water. It was difficult to find a stupid floaty for babies this early in the season. I think they should always keep at least a couple on hand. Oh well, we finally found something....even if it is a little girly. Haha. Tonight is my first night without my little man. Yikes. So far, I am doing alright....but I have a feeling later will be VERY difficult.


  1. Amazing how fast Jackson is growing!!!! What a cutie . . . I can really see Zach in him! Hope everything with the pregnancy is going well!!! :)

  2. Is TJ picking his nose in that one picture?!?! (just kidding, Tim) I can't believe you went swimming already! Is it warm enough yet?

  3. Haha, we stayed in a hotel over our anniversary, we took Jack swimming during the afternoon and my Mom took him over night. He had a pretty good time....I think that he will really enjoy the pool this summer.


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