Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Sweet Boy Is 4 Months Old!

Okay everyone, I can not believe it....Jackson is 4 months old today. He is becoming such an amazing little boy, not a baby. Where did my baby go???

Four Months

1. Smiling when Daddy says, "Were's my giggle baby?".
2. Eating baby cereal, but only if you mix it with juice.
3. The only TV show I like is "Baby Loony Toons".
4. I secretly roll over in my crib every morning before Mommy and Daddy come and get me, I am not ready to show them how talented I really am.
5. I am Mommy's 'boo baby'.
6. I am so exciting that it is getting warmer outside, my Mommy and Daddy promised me a trip to the zoo and the pool!
7. Riding in my new car seat, like a big boy.
8. Taking a nap outside, well in Daddy's truck...but, I still got to smell the fresh air.
9. Drooling like crazy, Mommy thinks that I am getting a tooth.
10. Grabbing Daddy beard, and giving it a little tug.

I am planning on doing a photo shoot tomorrow afternoon! I will be sure to post the pictures tomorrow night.

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