Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Guess He Can Go

Oh my goodness! Today we had a doctor's appointment, and everything looks good. I guess we have no reason to blame my sweatshirt last week because I gained another pound (kill me now), making my total weight gain 18 lbs. My blood pressure was 128/70, so slightly higher than my normal but definitely within a normal range. Jackson's heartbeat is in the high 140s or low 150s, so his heartbeat is slightly higher than his normal, usually in the low 140s. We are measuring 38 cm, and the little guy is still head down. The SHOCKER to me was that Kimberly (midwife) believes Jack is already 7.5 lbs. My initial thought is you have to be kidding me, and you need to get this kid out today! But, that does not seem like a possibility at this point. She claims that I should be able to deliver a 10 lb baby.....yeah, I don't think so. Kimberly does not think that he is going to come into the world any time soon because even though he has dropped quite a bit, he still needs to drop further. Bad news for me, but good news for Zach because he is cleared to go on his hunting trip over the weekend. My luck though, this will be the weekend I deliver anyway and he will miss the whole thing. Kimberly told me that we will not be checking for dilation for about another two weeks unless I believe I am in labor, or if there is some other type of "complication". 14 days lefts, and now I am just praying that he will not be late. As I have said repeatedly I am SO ready to be done with this pregnancy....sorry I do not have better news. Check in next Friday, that is our next doctor's appointment.

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