Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jackson's Real Birthday!

On Friday Zach left for Missouri...probably not the best decision, lol. Although Kimberly thought that it would be a while until I was ready to deliver, because Jack had not dropped all the way, he should not have made the trip because the very next morning my water BROKE! For the last month I have been completely ready for this kid to come out, but when my water actually broke I was like...ummm, maybe we can wait a while. LOL water broke around 7 am. After freaking out, and then collecting my thoughts, I called Zach to let him know. He and his "hunting buddies" went out to hunt around 4 am, so at least he was awake. When I told him my water broke, he was like "Serious?" As soon as he sort of comprehended the situation he started toward the house to gather his stuff and book it back to Iowa to met his first born son! After Zach's phone call I let the afterhours nurses know that I was on my way to the hospital and my water had ruptured. Then, my next phone call was to my Mom because Zach was still hours away. She came over to the apartment within an hour; she was surprised that I was "so calm". But, I just didn't see the point in panicking because it was happening whether I was freaked out or not. I gathered all the stuff that I thought that I would need in the hospital and we headed to Genesis East. After officially checking into the hospital the nurse came in to check how far along I was. In the car I started having contractions, this was around 8 am. Because of these contractions I was 3 cm 90 %. They also checked to make sure my water was broken and transferred me to the labor and delivery room. This was the last room that they had available, the nurse said they had been crazy busy with births since the Wednesday before. In the delivery room they started pitocin to strengthen the contractions and help the baby drop. I had contractions about a minute apart and that was getting to be too much. I was checked and in a matter of a few minutes I was at 4 cm and 100 %. I asked for an epidural at that point...I needed it. They gave me the epi (did not like the doctor) and I really stopped feeling all the contractions (it was amazing). But, I definitely knew when I needed to push. I felt a TON of pressure, and pushing really did help release some of the tension. I went from 4 cm to 10 cm in less than 2 hours....things started happening REALLY fast with the pitocin. I was so done, I kept asking them to cut him out of me....just do something so that this can be over with. It took over three hours to push the little guy out....and muscles you have never used hurt! Honestly, it did not seem like this long...but, I totally lost all sense of everything put the pain. Kimberly had to cut me to make enough room for him to come out. This did not hurt at the time but I can feel it now. They stitched me up....a lot of stitches (although she said it was more of one continuous stitch, what?!?!) and checked/cleaned up Jackson. He is absolutely beautiful, but I could not get over the fact that this little guy actually came out of me, I was definitely in a daze after delivery. He was 7 lbs 6 oz and 20 inches long! During recovery I shook a lot because of all the fluid they gave me through an IV and the balancing (still crazy) of my hormones. We stayed in the delivery room for about three hours to give the epidural a chance to wear off. Then took a shower and we moved to our "permanent" room. In this room we settled down for the night and was rechecked to make sure that everything looked good. Thank goodness everything did. Jackson Scott is finally here!!!

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