Monday, November 10, 2008

Can I go hunting?

17 days and definitely counting! I am so ready to be done! Pretty much all the time I am uncomfortable now, can not even find a comfy spot to sleep at night. Oh well, guess this is getting me prepared for being up all night with the little man! Contractions are more frequent now, but not necessarily consistent for long periods of time, so we are not quite ready. I have another doctors appointment on Thursday, and hopefully at this appointment we will see if I have dilated at all. Zach is really anxious to know because he wants to go deer hunting in Missouri over the weekend (minimum 4 hours away, but what if it snows?!?!?!). I hope they say it will be any day, but on the other hand I want Zach to get to go hunting with his Dad and brother. Oh well, I will be sure to let everyone know on Thursday! Here is my GROSS picture, hope you all enjoy it. ;o)

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