Friday, April 20, 2012

Baby E is a.....

Baby E is a BOY!!!!!

His name will be Elliott Jon, and we are beyond excited!

He is REALLY active, and the ultrasound techs (yes, I said techS) had a very difficult time capturing the images they needed to do measurements.  It took us 1.5 hours to do the ultrasound, thankfully my other little monsters behaved themselves.  :)

We are measuring right at 21 weeks (which matches my due date), his heartbeat is 156 BPM, and he is adorable!

And here he is:

Like I said, Elliott is a mover!  He was always "face down", so we never got a really good view of his little profile.  Maybe we will have another ultrasound before little mister is born!

Can't wait to meet you baby boy!  Only 19 more weeks.


  1. awww Congrats! He's beautiful :) Those 19 weeks are gonna fly! Then you'll get to see him and hug him and snuggle and and and ;) LOVE him!


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