Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 11: iPod Challenge

Today, I am to put my iPod on shuffle....and post the first 10 songs that play.  This will be interesting.  :)

Here we go!

1.  "Just The Way You Are"  Bruno Mars
2.  "Never Grow Up"  Taylor Swift
3.  "Doll On A Music Box" from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
4.  "At Last"  Etta James
5.  "I Do" 98 Degrees
6.  "Go The Distance" from Hercules
7.  "3 Time a Lady" Commodores
8.  "Human Nature"  Michael Jackson
9.  "You are the Sunshine of My Life"  Stevie Wonder
10.  "Wonderful Tonight"  Eric Clapton

And there it is, a very good representation of what is on my iPhone.  :)

What are you listening to?

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  1. love your #1


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