Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Review of Goals

We are one month into the New Year! Time is flying, seriously I can't believe it. Anyway, I plan to update my yearly goals (if you missed that post, click here) at the beginning of each month, so....here is how January turned out.

Relationship Goals:

Go on at LEAST 4 dates with my husband (a date means without the kiddos....yikes! And not on a "holiday").
We have gone on one date. We have plans to go on another one in the near future, as soon as our baby sitter gets home from vacation!

Be better about communicating.
I think, we have been really good at communicating. We haven't argued all year, so far. Lol. There are times when we are short with each other, and we need to work on that. That is mostly me. I just get frazzled sometimes, and take it out on him. I am sorry, honey!!!

"The Days of A SAHM" Goals:

Post at least 20 times a month.
I posted over 40 times in the month of January....so, definitely accomplished this goal this last month.

Host more giveaways.
I am currently hosting one now, yeah....go ahead and enter. ;o)

Personal Goals:

Read more often.
I am currently reading a book....it is taking me forever to get through because I don't make time for it. But, I am reading more than I was last year. So, goal is right on track.

Keep my car clean.
It is just too darn cold to get my car cleaned up to were I like it right now. So, it still looks the same as it did in December. I have plans on cleaning it out this week (while my parents are gone and I can use their garage), and once I do I will keep it clean.

Spend one on one time with each of my children.
I have been better about this. Especially with Ady. Z and I usually "split up" the kid duty....he takes Ady and I take Jackers. So, I have been trying to make more of an effort to switch this up, so we both get equal time with our little ones.

Financial Goals:

Stick to a budget.
Eh, we have been doing okay with this. We will be better once we finally get our income tax return....then we will be completely caught up, and even eliminate some of our debt. I talked about that, here.

Don't acquire any additional debt.
No additional debt has been acquired! YEAH!

Create a time line for debt reduction.
I plan on doing this after we have received our income tax return. We are eliminating debt with this money, so I will reevaluate after we have made a reduction in our overall debt.

Weight Loss Goals:

Exercise at least 3 times week.
I did really good with this every week except the last one. I have been really getting off track with weight loss. I am in the process of writing a post about it now.

Keep a daily food journal.
Didn't happen.

Drink at least 64 oz of water a day.
Beginning of the month I was really good about it, but slowly stopped as the month dragged on.

Stop telling myself that I will "start tomorrow".
Nope, that didn't happen. I actually chuckled when I read this, because this is exactly what I have been doing.

Keep myself accountable by posting regularly, and not justifying my actions.
Writing about this now, expect a post in a couple of days ;o)!

How are you doing with your goals for 2010?

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