Friday, August 5, 2011

What Worked For Us

Our baby boy is potty trained!  During the day, that is.  We are still working on night-time.  He doesn't wake up dry, EVER, so that may take a while.

I thought I would share with you our potty training journey.  It was a long process.....but once Jack was ready it went pretty quickly.

About a year ago, we bought a cute little potty.  I let him "play" with it.  That way the potty wasn't a "scary" experience.  We tried at this time to get him to go on the potty.  But, he never did and just made a mess on my floor.

After our initial attempt, I would try every 2-3 weeks or so to get him to go on the potty.  I would offer a variety of rewards: stickers, m&ms, smartees, fruit snacks, matchbox cars, and finally money (this was his motivation!)

On July 14th, we finally fell into a groove.  I decided it was time, and apparently so did he.  I wanted him trained before we moved into our house (Aug. 30th).  I closed all the doors, and only allowed the kiddos to play in the living room for about a week.  I also moved the potty into the living room for quick access.  He didn't (and still doesn't have long) have much warning between when he felt like he had to go and when he goes.  I would also ask him every 10ish minutes if he needed to use the potty, most of the time the answer was no.  I also made sure to not get upset if he did have an accident, I just explained why he needed to go in the potty.

The first day was tough.  Several accidents, crying because he wanted a diaper or didn't want to sit on the potty, but the next day was better.  Just a few whines right away in the morning, and after that it was pretty smooth sailing.

By the 3rd day he was a "pro".  He hasn't had an accident since.  I am so proud.

We always rewarded quickly, and cheered for the little man.  By about day 5, he was going to the potty with out us asking all.the.time.  We have saved a LOT of money on diapers, and I am so happy my little man has "mastered" this task.

Are you potty training?  How is it going?


  1. I agree, I think this is awesome. AHH more money for fun things for your new house. which looks amazing by the way


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