Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dirty Chips

My father is OBSESSED! with these chips, specifically the cracked pepper and salt.  Lol.  He has said that he eats 3 bags a day (the snack sized bags, not the larger "family" size bags.....which I am not even sure they make)!  Which, yes I know, is extreme.

Anyway, he is looking to purchase these chips in bulk.  Purchasing from a vending machine is cutting into his budget.  :)

So, I thought I would turn to you helpful blog readers.  Are you aware of any stores which carry this item?  Where can I purchase them on-line, without INSANE shipping costs.  (I have checked and most of the places on-line are charging almost the same amount has the product in shipping.)

Thanks in advance for all your help!  You can either e-mail me at thedaysofasahm@hotmail or simply leave me a comment.  :)

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