Monday, September 27, 2010

Adorable Things!

Man, Jack has been SUPER cute over the last few days.  He is so sweet.

He told me, for the first time, this morning:  "Read Please".  He wanted me to read him his Bernstein Bears book for the millionth time.  I hate that book, it is  But, he loves it!

I was going to the bathroom a few minutes ago, and he pushed open the door and started exploring the toilet paper.  I was explaining to him that once he started using the big boy potty he would use toilet paper, and not baby wipes.  Well....he ran out of the room after my explanation.  I figured he was going off to play with one of his toys....but, about a minute later he bursts back through the wipes in hand.  It was hysterical.  Thanks for making sure Mama has a clean bum.  HAHA!

Jacker's is ALWAYS helpful.  He will gives sissy a bottle, blanket, or whatever else she might be "needing".  He really is an awesome big brother.  :)

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