Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oops, I Can't Think of a Title

It has been forever since I blogged, and I sincerely apologize.

This living without a computer is really getting on my nerves, lol.

The other night I went to get my camera and cord to upload pictures to my computer.  And Hubs and I had his conversations:

Hubs:  *working on his computer* "Hey Babe.  What are you doing?"
Me:  "Getting ready to upload pictures to my com...."
Hubs:  *bursts into laughter* "The look on your face is priceless!"
Me:  *frustrated* "Yeah, thanks hun.  When are you gonna be done?"

Lovely, right?

I keep trying to remember that we are really lucky.  We had two working computers, and we will again in the next 6ish months, while some people don't even have one.  Even though we have many struggles, we are really blessed because all the important things in life are perfect.  Our children are healthy and such beautiful babies, and we have a happy and healthy marriage.  I honestly couldn't ask for more, you know, unless I am complaining because I don't have total access to a computer.  ;o)

We had a a great, relaxing weekend....the first one in a LONG time.  Hubs and I were even able to go on a date!  It was much needed, especially after Z's terrible day on Friday.  I hope that our date started to make up for the 22 hours he spent being tortured by:  the weather, sound, smoke, and even a "chatty cathy".  He did enjoy the races, when they actually raced.  The rain was terrible.

Jack learned how to climb into his sister's crib yesterday.  (This means he is closer to being able to get out of his crib, yikes!)  Thankfully, he can only get into the crib when the side is lowered.  But, he tries to do it when the side is up, and then he gets upset.

He was just whining on the side of the crib, anxiously waiting to get in.  So, I lifted him in, and he is playing in there now.  And he has been for the last 15 minutes.  What a strange boy.

He prefers Ady's crib because she still has a mobile.  HE LOVES THAT THING! 

You should have seen him the day I took the mobile out of his crib.  I wasn't planning on doing it until Ady was born, but he started pulling the animals and leaves off.  So, one dreary September day the mobile was removed from his crib.  And life hasn't been the same, for him, since.  (Disclaimer:  It would have been a perfectly sunny day in September, but dreary sounds better.  No?)

Anyway, I better get back to packing, and cleaning.  We are off on a little weekend getaway on Saturday (after the Race for the Cure race)....so, I gotta get packing.  Seriously, I can't believe how much stuff babies need.  Seriously, ridiculous.

Hope y'all had a great weekend, and again I apologize for the lack of posts.  I will try and be better about it...but, no guarantees.  Happy Tuesday.


  1. What a great pic! And aren't boys funny with their crib climbing?

  2. Dreary totally sounds better for the sad story of the dismantled mobile. Gunnar's didn't make the move, and he was crushed.

  3. Just left you something on my blog!


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