Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Need Your Expertise! :)

Again, I apologize for the lack of posts.  I am at a loss as to what to do with myself during the day.  I didn't realize how much time I spent on the computer.  Lol.  But, I stole borrowed my husbands computer to write out this post.

My son (19 months) refuses to drink whole milk.

He did phenomenal while he was still drinking bottles, but since he has stopped with the bottles (at 14 months) he will not drink the stuff.

I tried adding a little bit of chocolate syrup, then a little bit more.  Then we tried thee strawberry syrup.  Both of which were massive failures.

What other ideas do you have for me?  What else can I try?  Should I only offer him milk for a day or so, and see what happens?  Or, is it just to far gone?

Please help!  Thanks!  ;o)


  1. Maybe have him stay hydrated with water and other liquids (watered down juice even),
    and then get the dairy/calcium from yogurt or cottage cheese or other cheeses (goat cheese was a favorite here with the boys).
    Good luck! Eating battles are NO FUN!!!

  2. I guess give him some vitamins with calcium supplements and other liquids to stay hydrated? Good luck.

  3. We just had to switch to soy milk due to allergies and it was a battle for the first couple of days. I just kept offering it to him at meals instead of water, so if he wanted a drink he had to drink that. I made sure he had water while he was playing so he never got dehydrated, but right after a big bite of rice bread, he was happy to get the soy milk!

  4. Don't do vitamins without talking to his doctor, I'm actually taking a nutrition class right now and we just talked about how people take too many vitamins and there can be problems...

    I have never been a big milk drinker, and because of that haven't given my kids a whole lot of milk. They eat a lot of yogurt (you might need the whole milk kind if thats what they want him to still drink) and cheese there's also calcium in broccoli and other veggies (just do some searches to find out the best sources). Vit D is important too, if he spends sometime outside w/o being completely covered up (you need about 10-15mins a day in the sun) then he would be good on that! We usually only drink water, and if it's really hot and I want to make sure they are drinking a lot I add a little juice to it so they'll drink more. But as long as he's getting the calcium and vit d (and possibly throw in some good fats) milk isn't really necessary :) good luck!

  5. Is it just whole milk or all kinds of milk? Our pedi told us we could switch to 2% at 18 months which we did since that's what we drink.

  6. What the others said-- try a different kind of milk instead of whole, 'cause hey if it works it's better than nothing, right? Or eat a lot of dairy foods like yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, and drink water. Or you can get that toddler formula instead, but that's probably too expensive for my tastes (pun not intended) :)

    Is it what he's drinking it IN? Sometimes a new cup or sports bottle helps kids renew an interest in drinking. Maybe a fun drinking thing that ONLY goes with milk?

    I agree that you can get what you need without milk, but it sure is nice to know your kids develop a taste for it since it's an easy way for them to get those things. Most people who don't drink it don't do a good job of getting what they need elsewhere (in my experience anyway). My own son is going thru an anti-milk thing right now and it drives me nuts. He's a good bit older though, so it's a little different (we can reason with him a bit more and make him drink it)


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