Monday, May 10, 2010

Daily Life

Happy Mother's Day! Sorry I am a day late, life is crazy busy around here. :) Did you have a wonderful day?

Mother's Day for me was perfect! I couldn't have asked for a better day. Well, I could....but, that would be askin' a lot.

My babies got me a mother and child ring and necklace, and I love it! I have been wearing the ring since the day I got it, and am anxiously awaking an occasion to wear the necklace. :)
Z made me muffins for breakfast, changed almost all the diapers, and spent more time watching the children (alone) than he normally does.

What would have made it better is if someones nearly 18 month old baby boy would say MAMA! Can you tell I am a little bitter about this? Ugh! Lol. He better say Mama next year. Silly little boy.

Then, after the kiddos were in bed. Z and I went outside to enjoy a cigar. Well, he enjoyed it. I just smoked one to show him I could. It wasn't my favorite thing in the world, but a million times better than cigarettes. YUCK!

I used to smoke those in my late teens, and they are just nasty. Don't know why I did it.

I do, occasionally, miss it, like when I have some sort of alcoholic beverage...but, not enough to jeopardize my health or my families health for it. Blah!

Today is my wonderful husbands birthday! He is 25! We are creepin' up there. Haha.

The kiddos and I got him a new t.v. for his birthday....mostly because his wish for father's day is to lay in his bed and watch t.v. all day. Haha. It probably won't be all day, but he can at least spend the morning cuddled up with a blanket with a remote in his hand. ;o)He is also starting to get into cigars, thanks to a couple men in our lives (thanks guys!). So, I am thinking of getting him something cigar related for Father's Day. Who knows. I hate buying him gifts. Everything he wants is so expensive!

Did you know the U.S.S. Reagan only has to be refueled once every 50 years. I found that very interesting. When the kiddos are awake during the day I try to watch something educational (unless it is 6 o'clock, then I am watching E! News...guilty pleasure for sure), because I need the background noise. So today, it was on the History channel. You can learn a lot while feeding your almost 6 month old a bottle!

Well, I have babbled on long enough. And I am sure you are REALLY bored. Haha. If you made it through this post, you are a saint!

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