Thursday, May 20, 2010

Even More Random Than Before

Does anyone else dress their kiddos in matching outfits?  Well, I dress them in coordinating outfits.  Haha.  My husband thinks I am weird, but I still do it.  If Ady's dress has orange in it, Jacker's outfit includes orange.  Do you think I am kidding, just check out my header.  :)  Well, I think most parents try to dress their kids alike, so I am probably far from alone on this one.

I think it is absolutely adorable when my son does "adult" things.  Like the other day he ate a cheeseburger like a grown up.  In between his fingers, taking little bites.  I should have taken a video.  Before, when he had eaten cheeseburgers.....well he basically tried to shove the whole thing in his mouth.  So, we always cut it up into small pieces.  But, he is a big boy now and doesn't need his cheeseburgers cut up.  I can't believe it.

My darling daughter is not a very happy camper today.  Almost every time I put her down, she cries.  Which is not good for getting anything done, let me tell ya.  She hasn't been sleeping well, or eating very well....but, doesn't act sick.  So, I have no idea what is going on with her but, I hope it ends soon.  I am gonna go with "she's teething".  However, who knows.  Jackers didn't get his first tooth until he was 9 months old.  I am at a loss.

Drama is happening with my in-laws.  Thankfully not involving me, lol.  But, I can tell my husband is a little stressed out.  Mostly (I suspect) because his Mom is stressed.  Why can't people just act like adults, and deal with their problems?  If you choose to do something, you have to deal with the consequences and all that goes with it.

Do you ever find yourself singing silly songs to your kids to get them to do something?  I was singing "Blame It On The Alcohol" (or whatever that song is called) to Jack to get him to open his mouth during dinner.  How inappropriate.  Haha.  Tell me I am not alone on this one?  Someone else has sang "Poops in your pants, poops in your pants, every little baby likes to poop in their pants".  (sung to the tune of "Pants on the Ground")  HAHA!  I can't believe I just admitted this.  Oh well.  It is alright to embarrass yourself, right?

Seriously now, do you like these posts?  I know I should probably split them up a little better, into 3 or 4 blog posts.  But, when I think I am going to do that I never actually end up writing them.  So, this works for me.  But, I'd still like to know your opinion.  Thanks doll(s)!


  1. LOL. I think random posts are great. Forget the fact that I have like 50 of them :o). I sing silly songs to my monkey too. I think its totally normal and monkey loves them.

  2. I like the random posts, too! I not only dress my kiddos in coordinating clothes, but if we are all going somewhere I match my husband and I, too. My excuse is that it's easier to remember what color he has on to find him if I have the same color on. My husband actually likes it, too and will ask me why we aren't matching if I don't lay out matching clothes for us!

    Sorry for the novel of a comment, I hope I didn't bore you!

  3. I sing about everything. EVERYTHING. I even sing about how before naps, he gets "a sleep sack and a song, a sleep and a song, Gunne Bear is gonna get, a sleep sack and a song."

    I am singing about singing.
    So sad.

  4. Outfits~ Not ALL the time, but almost always for nice outings, special photo ops, and especially holidays :) But so far, I have only two boys, so it's pretty easy. We'll see how it works out once the little princess gets here :)

    Kids doing grown up things is hilarious.

    Unhappy sleep baby= No Bueno
    Drama with inlaws= No Bueno

    Silly Songs~ All. The. Time. (and I derive silly nicknames for my kids from said silly songs)

    Random posts~ Interesting.


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