Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What a face!

Do you see that face?  Yep, that's his "I'm gonna do something naughty face."  I love it!  He really is the sweetest boy in the entire world, and makes me laugh hundreds of times a day.

My little mischievous boy did not get a haircut yesterday, because Z worked about 4 hours longer than he was originally "scheduled" to work.  Well, he really doesn't have a set schedule.  Which makes planning hard, but he anticipated getting home around 1pm.  But, he didn't get home until 5:30p :(, and by then (obviously) the barber shop downtown was closed.  Oh well, we will get it done sooner or later.

Hubs is planning on going to cigar night in Moline with our friend Brandon (Brittanie's fiance).  But Uncle Timmy is going to come over and hang out with us!  Jackson LOVES when Uncle Timmy (otherwise known as The Teenager) is over.  Tim has TONS more energy than either Z or I do, so he usually wears the Jackers out.  Which, as we all know, is a GREAT thing.

When we rearranged the furniture we took out all the "baby" stuff.  Like the bouncy chair and swing, but Ady has been waking up so early the last few days, we have been putting her back in the swing in the mornings.....and she is loving it.  She is swinging away as we speak, and she has been for hours.  She hasn't slept, she has just been looking around and listening to music.  Just like her Mama.  I loved to listen (well, I still do) to music and rock in my Dad's rocking chair.  It was my way of relaxing for the day.

What age did you transition your toddler into a toddler bed?  Both of our kids cribs convert, so it is just a matter of timing for us (well, I still need to buy a bed rail).  I am thinking of trying sometime during this summer, but I don't want rush it.  So, at what age, do you think, is the best to transition?

That's all for now.  I hope y'all are having a fabulous Wednesday!


  1. I just read a thread about converting and the general consensus was 2-1/2, or when they start to climb out - whichever happens first.

  2. We'll be moving Maddox shortly after his 2nd birthday if all goes well!

  3. We just moved our son today. He is 15 months. The first time I put him down I found him under the bed sleeping. The second nap he fell asleep in the bed and at bedtime he fell asleep in the bed. I wouldn't recommend that early for all kids. I really think it depends on the kid!

  4. Oh my, he is very handsome!! I love that little look :)


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