Thursday, April 8, 2010

Review of March Goals

We are in the fourth month into 2010! Time is flying, seriously I can't believe it.

Sorry I didn't post this at the beginning of the month. I thought about it, I really did. I just never got around to updating my goals.

Anyway, here is how March turned out.

Relationship Goals:

Go on at LEAST 4 dates with my husband (a date means without the kiddos....yikes! And not on a "holiday").
I don't think we went on any dates this month. But, that okay because we are well on our way to meeting our goal for the year. 3/4 dates completed! :)

Be better about communicating.
Awesome! We spend some time talking about Z's past relationship with his former fiance. It was difficult for me to listen to even more details of the story, but it was good for our relationship. She hurt him so badly, and even to this day it still effects our relationship.

"The Days of A SAHM" Goals:

Post at least 20 times a month.
Yep, yep, yep! I posted so much, you guys are probably tired of it! :)

Host more giveaways.
The Vintage Pearl was a fabulous giveaway last month, and I have a couple more in the works!

Personal Goals:

Read more often.
The only thing I read is blogs. Seriously, I haven't opened a book in the long time. I spend hours reading a day, but it is usually in front of the computer or on my phone.

Keep my car clean.
Complete! I have been doing really well with this, even though it might surprise those of you who know me. I am in the process of writing a post about how I am organizing my vehicle.

Spend one on one time with each of my children.
My husband and I have been doing a better job about switching off the duties with each of the children. Usually I have Jack, and he has Ady...but, we are trying to switch it up so each child gets some time with the other parent. Not that I don't see/talk to the other child, but we just focus our attention on the one child for an hour or so a night. Otherwise it is "group" play. :).

Financial Goals:

Stick to a budget.
We are still caught up on bills, but we no long have our savings cushion. :( It killed me to use it, but it was in our best interest. We were able to settle with a credit card company for significantly less than we owed, so we jumped at the chance to eliminate one of our credit cards.

Don't acquire any additional debt.

Create a time line for debt reduction.
Done, you can view it here. However, it will be changing soon because we are getting rid of the truck! I am so excited!!!! That frees up a LOT of money each month.

The reason we didn't get rid of it before is because Z needs this truck for work, but APX is now providing him (and all their technicians) with new vehicles. (He is excited!) Anyway, we have no need for three vehicles. So, we are getting rid of the truck!

Weight Loss Goals:

Exercise at least 3 times week.

Keep a daily food journal.

Drink at least 64 oz of water a day.

Stop telling myself that I will "start tomorrow".
Currently telling myself this....

Keep myself accountable by posting regularly, and not justifying my actions.
No, no, no.

How are you doing with your goals for 2010?

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