Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Online Shopping

Do you know what started my on-line shopping obsession? Cribs, diaper bags, and car seats.

I have spent hours, upon hours, researching and buying cribs, diaper bags, and car seats.

I should have just purchased in bulk, lol....but, who knew I would have two kiddos under the age of 1.5? I certainly didn't expect this huge blessing!

Well, anyway. Do you know what helped me so much in my search for the perfect crib, diaper bag, and car seat? CSN Stores, that's who.

Oh, and guess what?!?! They have so much more than just baby related items! It is seriously one stop shopping.

It is such a convenient way to shop because everything you need (or want *grin*) is right there.

They have over 200 stores to choose from, and fabulous prices.

CSN is also very focused on customer service. They aren't looking to sell you anything, they only want to direct you to the items you are looking for. They don't believe in "convincing" you to buy a product (I love this, who needs the stress of a pushy sales person?), rather they wish to assist you in your quest to find that perfect item.

And believe me, you can find anything you need right there. Here are some of my favorites (and they are all under $35!):
CSN Stores has graciously offered me the opportunity to review some of their products, and I am so looking forward to testing something new and different.

Look forward to an exciting review in just a few weeks! :)

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