Friday, April 16, 2010

Moby Wrap

Do you like the moby wrap?

I have heard a lot of good things about it. So, when CSN Stores offered me the chance to review a moby wrap, I jumped at the chance.

First of all, I have to say. The shipping is super speedy!

I was so excited when the UPS actually had a package for me! Rarely do I get anything from the big brown truck, but last Friday I did.

Believe me, I was pumped! I even called Hubs telling him how excited I was.

Anyway. moving on. Here is everything that is included in the box when it arrives, right to your door step I might add.

After I opened the box, I couldn't wait to try it out. But...both my kiddos were sleeping. So, I had to wait until Saturday.

Here is my first two attempts at a Moby Wrap.

One thing I realize is that it takes some time to get it down. Making sure that it is tight enough, and straightening out the fabric as you pull it.

Overall, I really liked it. It totally freed up my hands, and I was able to do a lot more things while bonding with my little babies :).

I will say that it made my back hurt a little. But, that is not surprising since holding my children for any length of time is tiring. (I have rheumatoid arthritis, so I am not saying that this will be a problem for everyone.)

Another "problem" I noticed was it was "hot" to wear (as in temperature). I am almost always hot, and really dislike it. Lol.

After I spent a few hours testing out the moby wrap, I convinced my husband to try it out. He really is such a good sport. :)

He had some interesting thoughts on the moby wrap, one of which I will not share with you. Haha. It was quite funny, but probably not appropriate for a public blog.

His first thought: "I love this thing, it "sucks" in my love handles." Selling point #1! And his second thought: "I will not wear this in public."

When I asked him why he wouldn't wear it, he didn't really have a good answer. Other than, "it's stupid".

Oh well, if your husband wears a moby wrap he is a bigger man than mine :).

My final thoughts? I love the moby wrap, and it has been my favorite baby wearing "device" I have tried yet. Is it necessary to have while raising an infant? No.

But, overall a good buy. Especially if you have a colicky baby.

Have you tried the moby wrap? What are your thoughts?

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