Thursday, March 11, 2010

Story of My Day

Well, today has been a pretty uneventful day. Hubs worked, for the first time in two days....and I stayed home with our adorable babies!

Jackers and I played, had eggs and toast for lunch, and played some more. And Miss Ady, she rolled and jabbered away her day.

My little bro (otherwise known as The Teenager) came over after school to work on some homework, and hang out with his adorable niece and nephew.

It was a great day!

Then, Hubs came home (not that his homecoming was a bad thing *grin*). One of the first things that he asked me was "Can I borrow your car?"

Ugh no! Lol, I just got it. Why would I want him to use it?!?!? But, being the good wife that I am, I said "Sure". he goes out to our vehicles....transferring his stuff (eh, junk!) into my car, things that he just NEEDS for tomorrow while he is driving it. :)

I didn't realize how much stuff he had moved in before I went out to my car this evening. He even had things hanging from the rear-view mirror!!!

I called him on my way to the tanning salon, and asked him if he was ever planning on giving me my car back. He said "I have to think about it."

How was your day? Did your husband move into your vehicle? :)

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