Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhogs Day

How in the world did this become a holiday? Seriously, what is the point (sorry if you are a Groundhog day lover!)? This little groundhog doesn't, really, let you know how much more winter we will expect.

I recently heard that PETA is now looking out for little Punxsutawney Phil. They believe that the groundhog should be a robot, in order to save Mr. Phil any trauma from G-Day festivities. Seriously, I think this is dumb. I am sure this little groundhog (I mean, he has a name for goodness sake) is treated better than any other groundhog in the world.....they already saved him from being run over by a truck, isn't that enough?

Again, sorry if you love Groundhogs Day (not the movie, I have nothing against the movie!). Me, well....I just don't see the point.

Does anyone else not get the point of Groundhogs day? Or are any of in full support of Groundhogs day (feel free to put me in my place, haha)?

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