Monday, February 1, 2010

First Hair Cut

Did I make you wait long enough? Hehe.

Last week my precious little baby boy had his first hair cut. I nearly cried, and I say nearly because my eyes only welled up a couple times.....but, no tears actually flowed. I couldn't let it.

My Jacker's was being such a big boy! He sat relatively still, and didn't shed a single tear. Success!

Here is before:


And After:

The man, Art, who cut Jackson's hair was actually the same person who did his Daddy's first haircut. I am all about tradition! ;o) Mister Jacker's had his first Twizzler after the hair cut, and quickly fell in love. Twizzlers are his favorite candy, and just about the only candy little man has ever had. Haha.

Why do children grow up so quickly? Can I freeze time?

Well, my baby boy is officially a big boy. I am still adjusting, but I will get through it ;o). How did you make it through your baby's first hair cut?

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