Monday, February 8, 2010

APX Alarm

My darling husband works for APX Alarm and he has graciously offered up his "alarm expertise" to my wonderful readers. Do you have any questions for him, related to home security (or how he lives with me everyday!)?

APX Alarm has kind of a bad wrap in the internet world, so I asked my husband to address some of the questions I found while doing a quick Google search.

Take it away honey! :)

How long is the standard contract?

36 months.

What is the monthly monitoring cost?

Currently, it is $44.99. We just came out with these AWESOME new Go! Control Panels, and they do everything! It even gives you your local weather right on the panel!!!

How long does the installation take?

3-4 hours, on average. The times vary based on the age of the home, and amount of equipment received.

What equipment is included in a 36 month contract?

A panel, and up to 8 points worth of equipment. Each piece of equipment varies in point value, so it just depends on what accessories you are looking for.

Does the alarm panel connect directly with my local police station?

No. When the system goes off, it sends a signal to the central station. They contact you, in a matter of seconds, to make sure that everything is okay. In the case of a false alarm, you give your "abort code" (which is set up at the time of installation) to clear the false alarm. If it is not a false alarm, they dispatch police/medical/fire depending on the signal sent to APX Alarm.

The alarm signal is sent to central station for two reasons. First, in order to give you an opportunity to clear a false alarm, and eliminate a visit from your local police department and possible fines. Second, if it is a medical signal, this allows you give more information to central station to better prepare EMTs for your specific situation.

Does APX Alarm's smoke detectors only work when the system is armed?

No. Your system does not need to be armed in order for the smoke detector to function. Your alarm is monitored 24/7, regardless of armed/disarmed status.

What is your response to all the bad comments found out on the internet?

Read your contract. Most of the issues can be resolved if the person just read the contract prior to signing. Ask your sales person/service technician any and all questions you may have with the contract, prior to signing. Make sure you understand what you are signing up for!

How do you live with Jenn, everyday? ;o)

You know those Bose Noise Canceling Headphones? I have an internal Jenn Canceling Ear Piece. That's how I make it through the day. :) She hears, "What", a lot!

Thank you Z for all your help! Remember, if you have any questions.....feel free to e-mail me ( or simply leave a comment and we will respond as quick as possible!

Thanks again for reading!

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