Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Blog Posts

When do you get inspiration for a new blog post?

Me, you ask? In the middle of the night....when I am beyond exhausted from chasing Jack from room to room (he loves to play tag!). Anyway, by morning I have forgotten all about the phenomenal blog post I was going to type out had my head not already hit my soft, comfy, pillow.

So, one night I came up with a solution, my handy dandy notebook! (Yes, I have watched Blue's Clues in my life....he was big when my brother was little!)

My little pink notebook, which dates back to 2006 (I have doodles of an old "wanna-be" boy-friend's name scribbled into the margins, haha)....and was purchased at Target because even back then I was obsessed. I carry this notebook around with me all day, so I can quickly jot down ideas as they come. Such an amazing time saver!

So, I ask you again :), when do you get inspiration? And how do you remember your awesome blog idea when you sit at your computer to type it out?

PS - The notebook shown above is not my actual notebook, I was too busy...eh, lazy....to take a picture of the actual "handy, dandy notebook). You can find this notebook, on-line, here.

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