Monday, January 18, 2010

The Taste of Wine

Last week I posted this on MckMama's Blog Frog Community, (want to join my community, click here):

Hey All,

I have a quick question for you....what is your favorite type of wine.

You see, I have always had this fantasy of drinking a bottle of wine with my husband in front of a fireplace....enjoying a glass while relaxing in a bathtub.....or even sipping while I enjoy a good book. Yes, a pretty movie like fantasy of enjoying a glass of wine. Lol.

My only problem is that I haven't found a bottle of wine that I really enjoy. I would say as close to grape juice as we can get would be the type of wine I would enjoy. I am not really a big fan of bitter tastes, or anything were the alcohol used over powers the entire drink. What would you recommend?

A good friend of mine suggested Moscato D' Asti, so I picked up a bottle this morning and will try it this evening with Hubs. Do you like this type of wine? Any other suggestions?

Thanks so much for helping me out!!!!

I received quite a few suggestions, and can't wait to try them all. But, like I said I had already purchased a bottle of Moscato D' Asti., so I wanted to give a little review of this bottle.

I have to say that it is probably the best wine I have ever tasted. I like the bubbly taste of it, but I think my "ideal" bottle would be more grape juice like (I know, why don't I just drink grape juice, lol).

Well, on to the next bottle....maybe I will eventually find one that I really enjoy (my parents suggested one that I can't remember now, but I know it is not on the list shown below. I will update the post when I finally remember it). Here is the list of recommendations from the fabulous Blog Frog Community ;o)

Moscoto D' Asti
Pink Truck
Three Buck Chuck
Sweet/Semi-Sweet Riesling
White Zinfandel
Ernest & Julio Gallo "Café Zinfadel" - "Dang close to grape juice."
White Zin "Crisp White" - Box Wine
Fat Bastard
Menage a Trios
Tokay (Tokaji)
Texas Sweet Red
Alice White Lexia
Oak Knoll - Niagra
Sauvignon Blanc


  1. Ok, this is not the classiest wine around, BUT if what you really want is alcoholic grape juice, you need to get some Boone's Farm Wine.
    It's uber cheap and comes in flavors like Peach and Strawberry. Apple isn't too bad, either.
    Also? try finding a liquor store, or "packy" as we say here in MA, that carries Plum wine. It's VERY sweet. I order it whenever we go out for sushi and sip slowly. Mmm....

  2. Plum wine is good. I'm glad I could help you out with that bottle! I have a glass sitting next to me right now. I like Pink Truck. White Zin and Lambrusco are both good starter wines as well. The Gewurztraminer is also one that I like but depending on the bottle and vintage (year that it was grown) it can be a bit more acidic and slightly tart. It's good for sweet dishes like desserts and some pastas with a sweeter sauce.
    In a totally non professional way (I'm just your average wino here LOL) I would suggest letting your taste buds get used to the starts of whites before you go to reds. They tend to be a bit more heavy than the lighter whites. I had to work my way up from light whites to dark reds. I actually have a whole list that I will type out or talk to you about sometime and I can get you started. B hates wine so I would love to have someone to share it with beside myself!

  3. Thanks Britt! I would love to see your list!!! Z doesn't mind wine, however he would rather drink a mountain dew. Lol. Just tell B to suck it up, haha. ;o)

  4. If you can find it where you live, Red Cat is pretty close to juice. Its from a winery close to me.

  5. Since you like sweeter wine, you should try a dessert wine. Ask your local wine shop. IMO Riesling is the best dessert wine.


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