Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One Month Favorites

First of all, who knew that time could fly by so quickly! Seriously, I am going to blink and my babies are going to be married and having kiddos of their own :(.

Our little Ady is officially one month old, and I can definitely tell you we aren't going to send her back ;o). She is perfectly adorable, and melts our hearts each and every day. Even though she still gets up in the middle of the night, we love her to pieces.

Here are some of her (well our) favorite things for her first month ;o).

One Month Favorites

1. Wearing the color purple, it is my best color!
2. Getting kisses from my big brother, although I could live without his snotty nose =).
3. Sleeping in my car seat, it is seriously the most comfortable spot in the house.
4. Looking at lights, they keep me entertained for, minutes.
5. Cuddling with my Daddy, he is really comfy.
6. Watching my brother pay with his new ball pit.
7. Listening to Mommy and Jackers sing Christmas songs.
8. Sitting in my bouncy chair, this thing vibrates the entire floor!
9. Puking up my bottle all over Daddy. He loves it, ;o).
10. Watching girly movies with Mommy, while Daddy and Jackers roll their eyes in disgust.

I can't wait till next month, it is amazing the changes that occur in a month (often times even less).

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