Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Toughest Job in the World

Attention all men! come most men (I don't want to say all....but, definitely most) don't view the life as a stay at home Mom a job? I am not saying that my husband doesn't appreciate all the work that I do, however, why do I have to listen to his day at work when he doesn't like to listen to mine?

He will typically spend 20-30 minutes telling me all the details of his day, and I try to be interested (although, it is normally pretty boring....haha). He, however, openly refuses to listen to my day. Now, it is not all the time...but, there are some times that it really bothers me because I don't have any adult conversation throughout the day. This is my only time to act as an adult....and the time when I can say, "I am going to the restroom" instead of "Mommy has to go potty", haha.

How do you handle this situation? Would your husband survive a day in your shoes?

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