Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grocery List

On Friday, I will be going grocery shopping (my first time using the envelope system!). I am really hopeful that this shopping trip will be a success....however, I am dreading it. I am almost 30 weeks pregnant, and doing normal things (especially in this heat) is becoming more difficult. Ah well, it will only get worse....I should rejoice that I am still moving, most of the time ;o).

Here is my grocery list.....

bananas (2lbs)
strawberries (2lbs)
baby carrots x2

pizza crust
sour cream
hot dogs
ham x3 (lunch meat)

french bread
white bread
wheat bread

ham (2-3 lbs)
chicken breasts x3 (bagged chicken)

chocolate chips
vegetable oil
oats x3

green beans x8
corn x8
cream of chicken x8
tuna x8

ritz crackers
mac n' cheese
chicken noodles
chicken rice

onion soup mix
spaghetti sauce
bbq sauce x2

hershey kisses
doritoes x2

diapers (88 count)
wipes (refill pack)
baby food
baby tylenol
toilet paper

How much do you think all this will cost me??? I will let you know the actual total on Friday/Saturday (depends on how tired I am, ha). Can't wait to hear your guesses!

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