Monday, August 3, 2009

Canon EOS 30D

I am so excited to have received my new digital camera! However, I am still in the “messing with it” stage….I eventually hope to master this new device.

On Friday, I am signing up for a Digital Photography course at a local community college. Hopefully, this will teach me a lot of new and exciting things that will help me with all my photographic needs.

No need to worry, we are not going into further debt by me attending college (for one course). I am very fortunate that my Great-Grandfather left his Grandchildren money, specifically for educational purposes.

There is no way that I could afford it on my own, without going further into debt. And, that just doesn’t seem like a good idea at ALL.

Oh, and if you are wondering why we make a student loan payment each month….it is because of my husband’s schooling. He, unfortunately, does not get any educational funds from my Great-Grandfather.

Anyway….here are a few shots that I have taken recently. I have not tried taking pictures with a back-drop, etc, yet….but, hopefully that will come today. We will have to see if a certain someone is willing to cooperate. ;o)

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  1. Adorable pics! I love the kissy face! :)
    Even if you did have to pay for the class, it could be an investment anyway- didn't you talk about starting a business? (maybe that wasn't this blog...)
    My husband's student loan's will be ridiculous, apparently when he started college his dad told him not to worry about it and take as much as he "needed" well since he was 17 and stupid he took the max amount every year- the last few years we needed it to live as a family, but I'm pretty sure he could have partied on less for a few years....


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